I am Lindsay and my wife is Jackie, and we are both ‘homesouls’; and that is why we named our business after what we know and what we do. Home and Soul is what we are all about:   I know all about the home – how best to design it, and how to understand what it means. I am interested in the deep connections and the great potential that home offers. So I am an Architect, and Jackie is a Therapist. I like psychology, but she is the one with the psychology qualifications. I like therapy, but she is the one with the Shiatsu training and the healing hands. Between us we make a great team; Jackie knows all about people, and I know all about places, and together we have built our wonderful home, and we are living our dream. With more than three decades together we have much to offer, communicate and share, and with our joint knowledge of life and love and home, we have been able to help many people; to understand what they have, to heal themselves, and to reach out for a better life.

So I am an Architect, Author and Guide: As an Architect – I help to make some dreams come true, as an Author I communicate what I know about ‘The Secret of Home’, and as a Guide I take people on a journey to discover the meaning of their home. So I do consultations, give talks, run workshops, write books and blog, and once or twice a year I will design someone a new home. I never thought that I would be a writer, until I found I had something to say that had not been said before. The Secret of Home was my first book.

I write about houses: How to read them, what they say, how to design them, and what they can do for you,

Buildings are in my blood – this goes back generations; it was natural for me to become an Architect, to pursue my great love of Building Design and Art, because I know that houses are places of the Soul, and that every home tells the story of the people who live there. I have always been able to read houses, at first it was instinctive, but over the years my knowledge has grown. The language of the home is something I have been teaching for eighteen years now; helping people to read their homes, and to create a better life by working with their homes. With this knowledge, design becomes an everyday prayer; an act of grace that helps us to feel more at home in our lives.

Jackie is lovely; people just love to be around her, and they are much better for it. She is a therapist and healer, trained in many things, but primarily a Shiatsu therapist. She is a tonic for many ailments. Jackie just loves to be around her animals, so our home is a small farm.

Two boxer dogs are part of our family. We have 3 children and three grandchildren, and we have reared many Alpacas. We live beside a river, with woodland on our land and old buildings to restore, so we both like to get down to earth and dirty. There is always work to be done on the land, and with buildings in my blood there is often a self-build project on the go. We love what life can offer; so we love to eat, and drink and dance.


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