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I think the best advert for an Architect should be their own home. So you can see mine here. It is a 200 year old farmhouse with an extension that i designed and built  14 years ago. We love it and it is home, so we are going to keep it for others to enjoy and we are making plans for a new Eco-house on the Coast.

My role as Architect is to help you realise your dreams for a new or a better home; to listen, to understand, and then to help you formulate your vision and design. You may be wanting  to take a new look at your life and the way that you live, or you may be stuck on an existing problem, or longing to design a new home from scratch. I can help you.

Most people come to me because of my reputation; that I really understand the psychology of home.

Some people come to me because I am interested in Eco-design. I was the Architect for the house that won the CH4 Grand Designs best British Eco House in 2008.

Some people come to me because I really understand ‘the Secret of Home’ and my book by that name has been highly acclaimed.

And other people realise how practical I am; having seen the house that I built for my own family.

I wont design more than three new houses per year, because I want to give each client my personal attention, so I do all the design work myself, and you can be sure to benefit from all of my knowledge and experience.

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