My clients are mostly people who want to build a beautiful, practical and economical home for themselves, although I also design holiday homes and homes to let.

I do this work because I love it and because it is a privilege to help create a house that can become a wonderful home.

My architecture work is mostly in Wales, although my experience with design, and the psychology of home, means that at the ideas and planning stages I give help and advice to people anywhere. However I only take on the full architectural service for a few new houses each year.

Architects are trained to be good designers, however I have come to recognize that being a good listener is just as important, and no more so than when designing a person’s home with them. I consider that one of my best skills is being able to translate the lifestyle that a person wants into a home that will really suit them. So I only work for three new-build clients each year, and I am able to dedicate myself to them.

My family are all builders, and even as a child I was on building sites. So building is in my blood, and not a year goes by when I haven’t built something myself.

At homesouls home is at the heart of everything we do. My experience is both very practical and also insightful – I can help you to design your dream home.

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