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As Architect, author and guide, I can help you with the concept and the design; taking your visions and making them real, so that you can build upon them. If you consider your home – every aspect and every room one bit at a time, then effectively you are going through your whole life story, even better; if at the same time you actually sort through your home, clearing away what you no longer want or need, one room at a time, then you are looking into your past as well as your present, and this is a good thing to do when engaging with a vision for your future. A house needs to feel like home, and home wants to fulfil the needs of its inhabitants for many years to come. There are so many things to consider before even the first foundation has been dug: What works, what doesn’t work, what delights you, what don’t you like, what if the rooms were just a little wider or a little higher, how light will they be, how warm will they be, how far can you push the boundaries of your design ideas, what is in your palette of possible materials, Where do you even start?  read my blog and Contact me if you want some help with this. 

New build and refurb

Renovation is an ideal opportunity; not just to increase the pleasure of how things look and work, but also to pause and consider all the possibilities that are open to you, and to take a view on how the smaller project affects the bigger picture of your life as a whole.

If your project is bigger, perhaps you dream of a brand new home, then soon you will come to realise that a major commitment is needed, and this not only requires a future vision, but also an immense amount of time and dedication, and a considerable attention to detail if the house is to serve you well into the future. It can be very illuminating to put an inspiration board together – snippets of architecture, interiors, lifestyle innovations, inspiring words, motivational colours, nature, nurture, and whatever else rocks your boat. Pinterest offers a lot of visual inspiration take a look at my homesouls pinterest page.

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My book ‘The Secret of Home’, can help you to get a deeper insight into your home and how your life is now.