If your home is really special to you:

  • Before moving on you may want to take a deeper look at how your life is now
  • You might have a piece of land that you want to build upon
  • Or you might be thinking of doing major renovations
  • Maybe you feel stuck or progress is slow
  • If you like the idea that your home is a reflection of your whole life story
  •  If you want help to design your dream home
  •  Or even if you want to build a home to let or a holiday home
  •  Then I can help with design and sometimes project management

On smaller projects, extensions and renovation work, and also for new homes that are far away from Wales, I am often asked to give design advice, and  clients are surprised to realise possibilities that they had not considered before.

Sometimes I am asked to give design ideas as part of ‘The Secret of Home’ consultation; this is when I look more deeply into the psychology of your home, and how it affects the quality of your life.

I wont design more than three new houses per year, because I want to give each client my personal attention, so I do all the design work myself, and you can be sure to benefit from all of my knowledge and experience.

If you would like help with any of the above please contact me.