If you are looking for help with your planning application, then you have come to the right place. It is not possible to guarantee that a planning application will be approved, but there are a number of things that cause an application to fail.

Many decisions have to be made as part of the planning process – With so much financial investment up-front (pre-planning), you need to be sure of making the best choices. I have the experience and the training to help you do this. I will work with you to achieve efficient, economical, and delightful places to call home.

I am a chartered Architect RIBA, member of the AECB, and a registered Code Assessor licensed with STROMA. I offer help with planning applications as one of my services – if this is something you need then I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Mark Schroeder

    Hi – I recently lodged a planning application online (with Hart Borough Council in Hampshire) to replace my flat roof garage, with one of identical dimensions, but with a pitched roof. The application had a number of errors, which the council kindly pointed out. I am therefore looking for someone to complete and correct the application…

    Thanks in advance and in hope!

    Mark Schroeder – 07512726368

    1. Lindsay Halton

      Hi Mark
      I am very grateful for your interest and the offer of work, however I am fully committed at present, and I am guessing that you need it done fairly soon. Away from office now until 19th. June
      Please keep in touch, and/or follow homesouls on twitter or facebook – I will be writing regular blogs.

      Best wishes

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