Real Life Stories: Is your fantasy your reality?

Real Life Stories: Is your fantasy your reality?

How good is the story you are living in? Is it what you want?

Shoes and mirrors, stairs and wardrobes, they all reveal the secret life of people.  So as a homesouls consultant I am invited in to reveal what their home is trying to tell them.

My next three blogs are real life stories that go behind the scenes into the private lives of 3 women; each living in a story that no longer suits the way they want to be.

The first of these real life stories is about Lucy (not her real name).

She had it all, and it was all too much

two lovers

Lucy couldn’t fulfil her romance and fantasy, so she took a second lover, and lived two separate lives – each one secret from the other, and this went on for twelve years. What started as Lust soon turned to Love and then two households grew. It was hard for her to manage these two, but manage she did, with growing discontent – not visible at the surface. That is why she called me in. She had no intention of revealing her real life stories, but I saw through her facade and told her so.

We did a reading from my homesouls Oracle, taking two Glass Runes for guidance, and this is what it said:

true joy

Her response was; shock, embarrassment, relief, and then with tears she told the truth. She could not find enough love in just one relationship, her neediness had grown from woundedness, and this went back to the lack of love in her relationship with her father. Now her two lives had grown too big, but what was she to do? She could not manage them anymore.

We talked about the innocence of childhood, and Lucy revealed a recurring dream in which through her wardrobe she could enter alternative worlds to get what she really wanted.

And then came the AhA! Moment

Lucy was excited to show me a room she was redecorating; it was the guest bedroom, and in the Feng Shui Life Plan this part of her house relates to childhood experiences, so I knew the issue in her life right now went far back to her childhood.

key 7

We entered the room, I gasped!  What I saw was a dust sheet covering a great big wardrobe (just like the one in her childhood dreams), and I knew that this wardrobe would take Lucy on her adult journey to find true joy and love in her life. All the furniture in that room was covered with dust sheets, and the redecorating had just begun. In that room we considered the choices that Lucy is making now; whether the colour of paint and the pattern of wallpaper is a good reflection of how she wants her life to be. And we went to her bedroom to walk in her wardrobe, and to talk of her childhood and her dreams, of how her home-life story began.

narnia wardrobe

I left Lucy with the task of emptying her wardrobe, and going through each thing, not just as a clearing exercise, but as a process of re-membering; to see what rises from within her, to find the place where joy is blocked and to make some changes to let it flow.

I would never see or hear from Lucy again, but I sensed the potential for change within her walk-in wardrobe that she enters everyday. This is the power of storytelling in the presence of real life stories.

What you wear can be revealing if  you ask the question; Why? Every wardrobe has a fantasy, and what you think to be a secret is just discreetly hidden from your view.

So what are your real life stories?

Do you know the place where Joy is blocked in your home?

Do you need some help with choosing what you really want?

My book ‘The Secret of Home’ contains the ‘homesouls Oracle’, and with the Glass Runes it can help you through your real life stories. Click here to buy.

If you would like the full copy of Lucy’s reading ‘TRUE JOY’, then scroll down this page and type ‘copy of Lucy’s reading’ into the comment box, and I will be happy to let you have it.

Or if you would like some guidance for yourself, then please contact me.

the secret of home

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For twenty years I have been revealing how our homes can hold the keys to a better life. Always there is a secret home life story, and sometimes, as in Lucy’s story above, we may find our trail along a fairy-tale; because fairy-tales follow story lines with age-old themes.

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