You will never look at wallpaper in the same way again

You will never look at wallpaper in the same way again

Without our walls where would we be? Place a window in a wall and there is vision, place a door in a wall and there is somewhere else to go, so our walls frame our choices. This is a story about Adam and how changing his wallpaper changed his life.

What we seek is seeking us too. Your home tells your story, it holds your secrets, and there is therapeutic value in this discovery; for what is hidden and silenced, wants to be seen and heard.

So I am going to tell you about your walls and how they might change your life. I take my lead from a client who’s story is strange but true. Adam is an interior decorator, he asked me to take a look at his home, to see if there is anything he could do to help his relationship – You will never look at wallpaper in the same way again.

distressed mirror with eyes

Wallpaper – Seen but not heard

I entered the narrow corridor into Adam’s house, and there beside me was a mirror. Not an ordinary mirror – I wanted to know more. He said:

“The mirror is distressed – I did it myself… I have lots of them”.

First impressions are very revealing - I look intently and listen carefully to what is seen and said: There is distress and it is mirrored in Adam’s words and in his home. As I enter more deeply the story begins to unfold. The wallpaper had large eyes; not all over the place, just peeping out here and there. I ask Adam to tell me more:

When they bought the house the walls were covered with this eye patterned wall paper – He thought it weird but also quirky and it appealed to his artistic temperament. He could not live with all the eyes, but thought it would be fun to keep a few, so he painted over the rest. The eyes he kept were in the hallway and up the stair. Two flights of stairs led to a room at the top. I asked who used this room. This was Adam’s room, he had a tendency to sulk and he was spending more time in there estranged from his partner – And this was the problem.

dancers with eyeThe wallpaper had eyes

I ask him to reflect upon his childhood, and then came the AhA! moment:

“I felt like I was just wallpaper”

My father was never pleased with me,… I was a disappointment as a son. He was old fashioned , and I was expected to be seen and not heard “. So he spent a lot of time in his childhood room at the top of the stairs, and he felt  he was always being watched, that there was nowhere to escape his fathers scrutiny.

And so his life was mirrored within a distressed frame, and the eyes that watched him as a child were present on his walls, as he climbed the stair to his adult room.

So if the past and present can be seen upon his walls – Then what of his future? and what about Yours?

There will be something in your home that calls for your attention; it points the way forward and the way out, if only you could see it.

For Adam it was a statue of a dancing couple at the foot of the stair, he touched it on his way up and down, but how could it compete with all the distress upon the walls? So Adam’s challenge was to redecorate his own interior, as a reflection of the way he wants his life to be. I suggested stripping the wallpaper back to bare walls, to see it as a blank canvas for a better life story.

He is now sleeping and dancing with his partner, but he wanted to keep that private room.


So what do your walls say?

And how might interior decoration change your life?

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