Not just Feng Shui – Home as an everyday prayer

Not just Feng Shui – Home as an everyday prayer

What is home for you; is it your Castle or have you thrown the baby out with the bath water? Feng Shui may sound foreign, but the sentiment is with you now. Follow my story into your home, for an insight that will be revealing for you.

When building a stone wall for a bathroom, perched on rock above a river where my children used to play, was I building my castle? Sometimes the world seems so damaging that it is comforting to imagine holding my family in a safe environment. Thoughts of my children and grandchildren at bath time, safe and happy behind these walls, would come and go, as I built this Feng Shui home with lime and stone.

baby in bath water

Feng Shui – Baby and the bath water

Houses can be read – so what does it say that houses no longer ‘breathe’.

Two thirds of people in England and even more in Wales, live in houses that are over 100 years old, and those walls were built to breathe. Commonly now we seal our homes in plastic wrap, perhaps a reflection of how we are becoming disconnected from Nature.

Feng Shui is ‘to live in harmony with nature‘, to me this means both the natural world and our human nature. Feng Shui literally translates as ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’, and Ironically at an Architects conference a few years ago I was to hear the presenter say: “building is to do with keeping out the Wind and the Water” – Simplistic but true, and if only he would add: “…. and allowing the building to breathe“.

breathing wall

Feng Shui – building castles

And what is it to breathe? The sight of your baby in the bath, or my new bathroom upon the hill, will take you breath away. Breathing is a creativity activity, it gives us life and maintains our health. Our homes also need to breathe, and they need to offer us breathing space – A place in which to grow and to become more whole. Can your home do that for you?

We have many castles in Wales and they were mostly built by the English to keep out the Welsh. The cliche: “An Englishman’s home is his castle“, may once again be true, if its primary purpose is to keep out the unwanted elements. The baby in the bath water needs protection, but she also needs comfort and love. So if home is not to be a castle, then what is it to be? Over the years I have collected hundreds of sayings from Feng Shui clients and friends:

home is… free from harm!

home is… where love is!

home is… a childhood memory!

Whenever you affirm what home is, you make a formative statement about your life. It is revealing then to take a look inside your home to see how this belief is reflected in its details.

barbed wire

Feng Shui – home as an everyday prayer

Feng Shui can be about finding the Devil in the details, but I would add that God is in the details too. In our life stories as in our homes, there are both shadows and light, it is good to recognise both before deciding what to do.  Read my Blog: Celebrate the shadow in your home

Often the practice of Feng Shui is to do away with what might be damaging, taking steps for protection. I would ask you to be more creative, because creativity is self empowering. I call my practice homesouls, and my book ‘The Secret of Home’ was published in 2008. Feng Shui books on Amazon

Please let me know what you affirm:  home is…..?…..!  Contact me

Lindsay Halton  Architect, Author, Guide.

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