How to make better life choices – Through the looking glass

How to make better life choices – Through the looking glass

Your life choices are all around you as a mirror of who you are - So colour your home the way you want your life to be.

Shoes and mirrors, stairs and wardrobes,they all reveal the secret life of people.  So as a homesouls consultant I am invited in to reveal what their home is trying to tell them.

This is the third of three blogs that go behind the scenes into the private lives of 3 women; each living in a story that no longer suits the way they want to be.

Paint your picture – your home is your canvas.
Walk your talk – your life is your journey home.

This real life story is about Alex (not her real name). I had a brief encounter with Alex at a health show, and she asked me a simple question, How do I get a better life?

What do you do when life choices seem so limited?

Alex was stuck in a rut, like she had dropped down a hole and could not get out;  she wanted a new home and a new job and a new life, but she did not take that kind of risk. I quizzed her about her home; she said “its all black and white“, and “there is a long hall full of doors, and the only other thing in the hall is a mirror“. I questioned her about her life choices, and she couldn’t see other options, everything to her was black and white. Her life choices were just black and white and her home was black and white, yet her apartment was so full of doors.

I think we are all in Wonderland, we just don’t see it.

down the rabbit hole

So I reminded Alex about Alice in Wonderland, who was also in a hole and could not get out. And like Alex she was faced with a long hall of doors: “Alice tried all the doors, but they were all locked; she wondered how she would ever get out again……  she longed to get out of that dark hall, and wander about among those beds of bright flowers, then she said; “I think I could, if I only knew how to begin. For, you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think:

…that very few things indeed were really impossible.”

Creative thinking opens doors to better life choices

Lewis Carroll’s Alice found a very small key that fitted a very small door, and that was her way to a more colourful life. For Alex there was a mirror in the hallway, and that is where she paused to look at her own reflection – She could not change the white walls nor the black doors, so I told her to put some colour on the mirror. She liked turquoise – and not surprisingly turquoise in colour psychology is used for making life choices more clear, opening doors to opportunity, and as an aid to creative thinking.

Alex’s first step toward achieving a better life was to see her home as a mirror of her life choices. the second step was to affirm what change she wanted, and the third step was to place some colour in her home as an affirmation. The last I heard Alex was not yet living the dream, but she was appreciating a home-soul connection, and was about to open a door to a new possibility. I call this process for change: The 3 Eyes -Intuition ,Intention, Illumination

black and white

Let interior design mirror better life choices.

We each have a unique way of placing ourselves in the world, of setting the scene to serve our lives. There are many ways of seeing and many things to believe in, so we choose to filter before we make life choices, to let the mind open to thoughts and beliefs that fit the concepts we construct for our lives. We shut out and cast off the things that do not fit. We colour our lives in different ways, and for Alex it was black and white. But there are so many more moods through which we can filter our experience and so many colours with which we can choose to paint the scene. The way you see and how you filter is entirely up to you.

Colour your world the way you want it to be.

Let  interior design become a statement of intent and a reflection of better life choices.The way you see the world is the way it is, so if you change your view then your experience will change too. The homesouls journey begins at home with who you are and how you place yourself among your things. Our homes are mirrors of ourselves, and through the space beyond your place there is something special waiting at your door.


So what will you Choose?

Do you know how your home mirrors your life choices?

What opportunities are hidden behind your doors?

Are you colouring your life the way you want it to be?

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the secret of home

 About homesouls and life choices

For twenty years I have been revealing how our homes can lead the way to better life choices. Always there is a secret home life story, and sometimes, as in Alex’s story above, it is the colour and the mirror that can help to opens doors to a better life.

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