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Holiday cottages

We are empty-nesters now, so we have decided to get our beautiful Mill House and Stone Barn ready to share with others; for 20 years we have been ‘living our dream’, and now we are moving into another stage of our life story. Take a look at the video on the home page – This is the Mill House we have to share, and currently we are renovating the Stone barn.

Login is in the heart of the West Wales countryside and surrounded by the sea. When we first moved here our incoming mail would often be wrongly addressed to ‘Longing’ (not Login), but it arrived anyway, and this misnaming seemed so true; our visitors often say that this is the place where they most want to be, and here their troubles seem so far away.

If you are looking for a place that is a million miles from hustle and bustle, yet central to all the activities of the Pembrokeshire coast and hills, then Login is certainly that.

It is very small, with only nine small houses nestled around the river Taf, and several larger houses and farms dotted around the surrounding hills. Both Mill House and the Stone barn are high enough to have a wonderfully elevated view, yet still close enough to the river Taf so that you can hear the sound of the water fall.

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