This is where the miller and his wife raised their family and made the bread to sell in the shed near the river. It is much bigger now, and the extension we made was probably the only new build in the village for almost a century.

Mill House is a luxury holiday cottage situated in Login; a peaceful village full of local charm on the Pembrokeshire border in West Wales. If you are looking for a place that is a million miles from hustle and bustle, yet central to all the activities of the Pembrokeshire coast and hills, then Login is certainly that.

Mill house features in the book ‘The Secret of Home’; it was our main home for 20 years, our three children and our first grandchild were raised here. The house grew with us, and we shaped the surroundings so that we could all really enjoy them, with plenty of space for the children to play and for the adults to relax in the breathtaking environment of the valley and hills. We all have very fond memories of the large gatherings of family and friends where there was plenty of space for everyone to have a great time.

When you look down at the village and across to the hills, very little seems to have changed in Login over the past one hundred years: The Cardi-Bach railway line closed in the 1960’s, and until recently our extension to Mill House was the biggest change in all that time.

This place is all about being in nature, and being able to relax with family and friends away from the hubbub of modern busy work and chores. The place has a timeless quality, and with this in mind we wanted the interior to feel very connected with nature, so we laid the floor surfaces both inside and outside with timber and stone throughout – so inside and outside seem to flow into one, and when the patio doors are open you can feel the freshness of the air and hear the sound of the birds and the waterfall. With under floor heating to the large family room it is always warm and cosy inside and there are wonderful views from every room.

Lindsay is and Architect and specialises in designing beautiful sustainable homes. Mill House was our opportunity 20 years ago to move from the city to live in our ideal home, but it did need modernizing and later as the kids grew bigger it needed extending. The whole family, including the children, were involved with all the design ideas and even some of the building work.

Both inside and outside walls have been rendered by hand – rubbing in the render; recalling the way that the ‘cob’ walls of the old houses used to look. Chunky railway sleepers have been used for split level stairs and at the entrance as massive gate posts and beams – a reminder of how important the ‘Cardi Bach’ railway once was in the life of Login village.

The roof is made of a fabulous grey slate quarried locally and salvaged from 3 church and chapel roofs. There are curved walls that help one space flow into another. The house has split levels, with a downstairs den and plenty of room for 10 people or more to watch TV and play games, with comfy leather sofas that you can sink into. Upstairs has an open plan Kitchen/Dining room, surrounding a conservatory with an open fire and comfy loungers that easily double as beds, and the space opens onto a large deck with a pond and a fire area. The huge outside table cut from a fallen tree is big enough for 16 people to sit around.

The kitchen has clean lines calm colours and great views, and the main bathroom has a walk-in shower set into the curve of the wall. There are so many unusual modern and rustic details in this incredibly spacious, warm, homely environment; perfect for families and groups of friends to enjoy.

And although this is an ideal place to escape from it all; wouldn’t it be a bit ironic if in a place called “Login” you could not Login? So there is WiFi reception, and all the mod cons that you may need, and downstairs in the den there is a game machine with monitor and another wide screen TV for all your home entertainment needs.