This is where the cow and the pig once lived, and a long time ago the breakfast milk came from here. For two decades we have been gently and lovingly restored it from a lowly stable to a lofty romantic retreat. And we hope to have it complete in 2014. We are creating this with our future guests in mind, and with thoughts about how special a ‘home from home’ can be.

  • What luxuries make an ideal bathroom?
  • What makes a bedroom relaxing and sensual?
  • What could be the best thing about a sitting room?
  • What about the view from the kitchen?
  • How nice would it be to have a private outdoor space alongside the river?
  • What about burning logs and the best way to heat the water?

All of these are design considerations, and will influence my thoughts over the coming months, when I am writing my blog on designing the ideal holiday home.

.Glas nant rebuilt


  1. Terrebonne

    I love this!!! This is a delightful project and I will be sure to come along. I love finds and my own display in the hallway but I also have some treasures kept in bowls alongside lost puzzle pieces and paper clips and keys that have no home. I have an ongoing fb group dedicated to these bowls because although much of what is in them is useless misplaced tat there is also often treasure with a story behind it and the bowl itself is often special for some reason. We all have them! So your project is right up my street!! Where can we follow your progress?

    1. Lindsay Halton

      This is a Labour of love, and my current project is a stair that winds around a fire. Around a fallen tree, with massive oak steps and salvaged planks from old walls. I intend to make a video about stairs that I have built and will probably write my next blog about stairs. You can follow me on or please email me then I will keep in touch with you.

      Your treasures sound fascinating – There are a couple of books published in the last few years that you might like to read.

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