Here are some links you may find useful. I know I did. I tell myself Rachel’s story whenever I am lacking the faith or the courage to follow a dream. The Straw Bale house was her dream. It won the Grand Designs Award for Britain’s Best Eco Home 2008. 0-books published The Secret of Home. They specialise in Mind/Body/Spirit publications. Karen Sawyer’s book ‘Soul Companions’ was also published by O-Books, and in the same month as ‘The Secret of Home’. We both live in West Wales and I recommend her book as a very good read. In January 1996 I visited a spiritual medium, highly recommended by friends that I trusted. It had to be that way, because when it came to mediums and psychics, I was more than a little cautious and sceptical. I still am. This man, Laurence Harry, told me things that even I did not know. This is the link to Mike Fields site, he is a great photographer. Inspirational artwork, check it out. Learn how-to’s of spirituality. Providing a platform for inspirational thoughts and voices in the South Wales region. Join Renae Jensen’s mailing list for this inspirational magazine

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