What is the Secret of Home?

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Looking into the Secret of Home is like seeing your life through a looking glass, considering the premise that we leave our mark on everything we touch – That every interaction is a piece of our life story and that home is the place that reveals most about who we are, and how we are in our lives. In short; our homes have much to tell us, and we can learn to understand what they are revealing, and how to make our response an empowering call for what we really want in life.

The Secret of Home book and the Glass Runes can help us to journey deeply into our lives; beyond the drama and the pain of life, under the stairs, into the cupboards, and behind the pictures on the wall. Your home can reveal things about your life that are not apparent at first sight. Read the symbols, see the signs, and venture gently into the interior landscape of home – Home is a mirror of Self.