glass runes

What are the homesouls Glass Runes?

Glass Runes

There are nine Glass Runes, and each Rune is symbolic of certain aspects of life. The Glass Runes are intended for use with The Secret of Home and the homesouls Oracle Readings at the end of the book, they help to focus on the key issues in ones life and where to work in the home to resolve life problems.

The Glass Runes come in their own soft fabric bag. Each Glass Rune has been hand made by a Czech glass maker, and then immersed in the spring water of St Non’s Well in Wales – St Non was the Mother of St. David, and her Well is a place of blessing.


How to use them

Instructions for how to use the Glass Runes are in The Secret of Home book.

Consider an issue you have in your life, it can be anything. You might have a relationship or career issue, a cash flow problem or self-esteem issue. To do a reading you hold a question or a request in mind, and you ask for guidance on your issue:

You don’t need to say it aloud you can simply think it. Here’s a step by step guide to doing a reading.

  1. With your question or request in mind give the bag of Glass Runes a shake.
  2. Without looking, take one Glass Rune from the bag (note the colour).
  3. Return the Rune to the bag and shake the bag again.
  4. Without looking, take a second Rune.
  5. These two Runes in the order you chose them will give you a reading.
  6. So now refer to the homesouls Oracle Readings at the back of The Secret of Home book.

Every issue has a place somewhere in your home. So to work on an issue you need to know: Where in my home does this issue live? Or Where in my home should I work on this issue?

With your question in mind you now take just one Rune from the bag.
This Rune represents the place where your issue lives within your life and home.
The Secret of Home book will tell you where to look in your home and will give you inspiration and insights into what you need to do.

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