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The Secret of Home is almost like seeing your home through a looking glass. It considers the principle that we leave our mark on everything we touch. That every interaction is a piece of our life story and that home is the place that reveals most about who we are, and how we are in our lives. In short; our homes have much to tell us, and we can learn to understand what they are revealing, and how to make our response an empowering call for what we really want in life.

Our homes hold our whole life story. Carl Jung the father of Jungian Psychology said that his own home was a representation of his innermost thoughts and feelings, and that it held the secrets of his innermost being. In another statement he said that to know a patients secret story is to have a key to their treatment.

‘The Secret of Home’ was published in 2008, and in that year it won an award for best Welsh author/book. The book guides the reader to look for what is hidden in the details of their home. You will see how to look at, and work with, your home as a reflection of what is happening in your whole life story. We all have issues in life, some things are public and some things we keep private, but even the secrets of our inner most being are reflected within the walls and the ‘stuff’ inside our homes.

Your house acts like a story map with eight areas, each revealing a particular chapter in your life story.   Glass Runes can be purchased to accompany the book;  they help you to navigate the Story Map in your home, and they guide you to readings that throw light upon issues in your life. So the book has two parts, the first part helps you to understand the psychology of your home, and provides plenty of examples from consultations that I have done, and experiences that people have had.

I continue to discover the Secret of Home, and for 18 years now this has been a powerful and fascinating journey – one that has amazed and deeply moved many people. In the book I reveal many true life stories of how people make connections between the meaning of their things and what is happening in their lives; and when they make significant changes in their homes something of corresponding significance changes within their lives. So the dialogue between life and home is not just meaningful, but also empowering and life changing.

It is easy to be judgmental about the surface appearance of someone’s home, and we are all conscious of this when we tidy up before a visitor arrives, but ‘The Secret of Home’ goes much deeper than that; seeing that even the individual items in our homes are symptoms or symbols of what is going on in our everyday lives: It could be that you have subconsciously chosen a painting in which the message is very relevant to your life, or you may be spending an unusual amount of time in a certain room, or there could be a recurring problem with the plumbing, or even a little trinket of sentimental significance placed in a particular way that says something about what you are longing for.

So at the most basic level: What does your bedroom say about your most intimate relationships? What does your bathroom say about the way that you care for yourself? And the Kitchen – what does it reveal about how nourishing and nurturing your life is?

And when you look more deeply- How long has that problem in that room been waiting to be fixed? And what about the picture that takes pride of place on that wall – where did it come from and what does it mean to you?

If you would like to know more; buy the book and runes, read my blog or come to a workshop, and allow me to keep in touch.


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