through the looking glass

With The Secret of Home we can journey deeply into our lives; beyond the drama and the pain of life, under the stairs, into the cupboards, and behind the pictures on the wall. Your home can reveal things about your life that are not apparent at first sight. Read the symbols, see the signs, and venture gently into the interior landscape of home – Home is a mirror of Self.

The Secret of Home – Reviews

“…It took me on a journey I could never have made without it, to a place I could imagine, but could not find before”.

Rhian (Business consultant)

“…The wisdom of The Secret of Home supported me through deep changes in my life, following the gentle guidance of the book. Lindsay has channelled a profoundly healing energy in his writing”.

Helen (Mother)

“…..I absolutely adore this book and am looking at my home with a different eye since purchasing it. It is written in a heartfelt way and allows the reader to dialogue with their home; reading what their home has to say about their life at that moment and suggesting ways of making changes which will impact on our lives. I purchased the runes to go with it and have had much fun and many insights about myself and my home in using them. Heartily recommended!”

Deerhaven (Amazon customer review)

“I love it! I started work on my self and my home using your book ……. I love the feeling of movement, energy, motivation, insight, digging, accepting, releasing, trial and retrial, fun, etc. etc. it’s giving me…

Jane (hypnotherapist)

“…I’d recommend this book to anyone who is interested in energies and the way one’s home reflects one’s own issues and strengths. It gave me confirmation of some aspects of my life and new things to consider. I’ve had a film crew round here this week for a new BBC1 House Swap programme so I guess that proves this book works on some and/or many levels. It seems to have helped unblocking some stuck energies.

Jane Knight (Amazon review)

“……….Perhaps, what is most interesting is that we often don’t see what is right in front of our own face. We may spend years walking by a picture and never understand the significance of that image. We have absolutely no clue how we’ve twisted our thinking so that we only see part of the picture.

Tami Brady (Amazon review)

“…I have been working with Feng Shui for 15 years. This book has brought me to a far deeper understanding. The Glass Runes and the Oracle readings can really help a person to find their own way,… they offer great support”.

Charaka (Healer)

“…..Reading the book has already removed a superstitious attitude I developed when doing some simple Feng Shui. I did not see myself as superstitious but the Feng Shui approach seemed to encourage it rather than encourage self-awareness. “….It really had quite a hold on me. The best thing about The Secret of Home is the help it has given me to see things in a totally different light/from a different angle”.

 Sue (Mature art student)



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