Swansea Peeps

I want to get inside the city. The city is not just what we see in all its ugliness and loveliness; it is the place of the people – the citizens – the ‘peeps’.

There may be longing, there may be loss and there may be desire – A window can hold all these views. Our windows frame our experience of the way things are, and they can influence the way we want things to be – I can show people how to look at their windows in a new way. I will be offering  seven free ‘Peep consultations’ in May.

So my question is: What do you see when you look out your window, and how does this reflect upon your own life story?

At the gallery I will talk with as many people as possible in my five day window of time, and in exchange for their views, I will share mine.

Visiting the homes of several people will open windows to their life stories, and looking at their windows may offer some life changing views. If you would like me to visit your home, please get in touch using the form below.

A joint workshop with Catriona Ryan will bring extra depth and dimension, and by way of a video diary; my record will be a ‘virtual window’ – a peep at the peeps, and a view from inside the city.


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