“…… I came back somehow energised and focused. I was particularly struck how in our group the descriptions of our houses seemed to marry the character and present state of each one of us and with all your experience, how you’re able to tell a lot about one by looking at the other. I’d like to develop that ability.”…

Anonymous (Residential Care Manager)

“…… The workshop has/is being illuminating for me!!!!! In fact pretty mind blowing…… So much stuff is being sorted out in my life.”

Anonymous (Therapist)

“…I hadn’t realised up until now (thanks to your course), that aspects of myself could be found so strongly and influentially in my home. Your course has helped me to ground into my own body, through thoughts of my own surroundings – I am gobsmacked!!”

Bethan (Artist)

“…I feel that I have been guided to a new vantage point and from there life has more richness, wonder and magic. I will always be grateful”.

Suzi (Retailer)

“….Intrigued by the way the issues of everyone in the group seemed to overlap. Thanks again for facilitating this amazing energy process.”

JK (Journalist)

“…….Thank you for giving me and the others the keys to unlock the Secrets of our Homes -.  I have cried again, I have been very moved and changed by the experience – You have an amazing gift.”

Anonymous (Secretary)

“…An unconventional and life changing view of Feng Shui – sixteen days that changed my view of the world and my place in it”.

Michael (Property developer)